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Non-Public Schedule when SASD is Closed



Below you can click on a schedule for non-public schools when the Stroudsburg Area School District is not in session with their students (ACT 80) or has an early dismissal day. These routes only pertain to students who attend Notre Dame Elementary, Notre Dame High School, Faith Christian and Immaculate Conception schools. Please go to the main page to view the District calendar.


Please be ready to board the morning buses ten minutes prior to these times. The drop off time will vary due to which students actually ride the bus home on that given day.


In addition, if the school your child attends has an early dismissal day, the drop off time will also vary based on the stops for their school and students on board.


If your assigned bus stop is not on one of these routes, please contact transportation at 421-1992, #3, and we will verify the student and stop.


In addition, please note that when the Stroudsburg Area School District closes for any weather/emergency related issues we DO NOT transport to any other schools/districts.


Act 80 Day Non Public Route memo


Non Public Runs 2020-21​​​​​​​