Dental Health

Dental examinations are required upon original entry (kindergarten or first grade), 3rd, and 7th grades. Parents are advised to have these examinations done by their family dentist because he/she is familiar with the child's past dental history and is prepared to provide any necessary treatment. Examinations done by a family dentist within one year prior to entry into the grade where an examination is required and recorded on a state form.

To comply with the dental regulations of the Pennsylvania Department of Health, the school district will conduct a dental examination by the dentist/hygienist in kindergarten (or original entry into school), 3rd grade and 7th grade of all pupils who have not been seen by their private dentist after a signed private dental form is returned to the school nurse.

A permission form signed by a parent/guardian is needed for the school to schedule the school dentist to conduct a dental examination.

The dental form is listed under the Forms tab